Are care technology and a good life mutually compatible?

What is a good and virtuous life?

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Are care technology and a good life mutually compatible?

What is a good and virtuous life? For Aristotle, these two attributes were separate. Good deeds could be done one by one, whereas the objective of living a virtuous life was the guideline for a whole life journey. And what constitutes a virtuous society?

John Rawls is a renowned researcher and the creator of the theory of justice, which can be summarised as follows: Let’s take a group of people and let them determine the principles that their society should be based on. They should build such principles that allow everyone to live a good life, regardless of their individual circumstances. What conclusions will the group reach? First of all, everyone must have as broad fundamental freedoms as possible. Secondly, social and economic inequalities must be addressed in a way that helps those in more vulnerable positions in society.

Does this sound too unreasonable?

What kind of care and safety do we Finns offer to those in vulnerable circumstances and most in need of help? Before this spring’s parliamentary elections, societal debate was heated about, for example, the number of nurses allocated to patients. It is probably true that no matter what nurse-patient ratio is laid down in legislation, it will never be achieved, as there are simply not enough nurses in Finland to meet the need. Another question is how patient care can be arranged in an economically viable manner.

I take great pride in my work because it enables me to help solve this problem. We at Tamro want to change the model of home care in Finland. Innovative technology and our service platform offer the customer their medication at the right time (by a medicine robot placed at the customer's home), safety at home 24/7 through remote monitoring, as well as real-time channels for communication between the customer and their care unit. A robot is not only a casing that dispenses medicines. It is a safe companion with multiple functions, such as reminding the customer of a taxi arriving, and keeping a constant eye on their wellbeing. It provides help in the customer's hour of need and can even call an ambulance if needed. 

My work allows me to offer solutions for the everyday lives of the elderly, as well as other people in need of support, in a way that puts the principle of virtuous living to practice on behalf of society. Care technology also helps us ensure that the elderly can live a dignified life in their own homes for as long as possible. This work also gives me an opportunity to live a more virtuous life myself.

 Juho Remes, Head of Business Unit, Health Technology Services

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