Raw materials and packaging materials

Raw materials and packaging materials


​Tamro imports and distributes raw materials and packaging materials for pharmacies and hospital pharmacies for pharmaceutical manufacturing, as well as provides related expert services. Non-pharmaceutical raw materials and packaging materials are also widely distributed to other customer groups. 
Pharmaceutical raw materials are only ordered from suppliers that have been assessed to be reliable. Every imported batch of raw materials is relabelled at Tamro’s pharmaceutical  factory. During this process, a batch-specific certificate of analysis is added to each labelled package. Pharmaceutical raw materials are approved for sale by Tamro after a thorough quality assurance process. 
We import and distribute pharmaceutical raw materials, exipients, acids and bases, substances classified as foods and herbal medicines. The material safety data sheet  is available for all raw materials. Our packaging material offering includes items such as medicine bottles, containers, tubes and  manufacturing equipment, such as capsule filling devices. According to our customer’s need, we can also order raw materials and packaging materials outside our  standard assortment from our wide supplier network.

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Raw materials and packaging materials

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Tamro is the leading service provider and distributor of pharmaceuticals and health products in Finland. We ensure that pharmaceuticals and health products reach consumers reliably and safely everywhere in Finland. 

Tamro's role is to be an integrator that brings different parties together and lays a foundation for shared success. We develop Finnish healthcare and wellbeing with determination and an open heart. Tamro Corporation is a part of PHOENIX group​, Europe's leading health service provider.

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