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Solutions to support pharmacies’ business and profitability

Tamro’s electronic order and information channel provides pharmacies with current information on product availability. Pharmacies can check the progress of their orders and view their order, delivery and invoicing histories. 

With Tamro’s business development services, pharmacies can identify and purchase an optimised and profitable product offering, which helps them improve their profitability and maintain inventories at optimal level.

Tamro has developed a unique software application for suspected product defects. It is the only solution in Finland that provides information for pharmacies, pharmaceutical manufacturers and Tamro whenever a suspected product defect arises. All parties can track the progress of the entire process, and pharmacies can easily attain reliable and most up-to-date information from the service.

The ability to apply for compensation for a decline in inventory value by using an electronic application reduces the pharmacies' workload and allows them to receive compensations faster. The simplified process not only makes day-to-day operations more effective but also facilitates the tracking of applications.

Tamro provides information in many forms

Tamro organises many types of events for pharmacies throughout the year, and also participates in industry events. These events provide versatile and current information related to pharmacies', hospital pharmacies' and dispensaries’ operation. Aimed at pharmacists, Tamro’s “Tampuriini” magazine is full of interesting articles on current topics, interviews and product news. serves health care professionals and pharmacists.​​​​

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Tamro is the leading service provider and distributor of pharmaceuticals and health products in Finland. We ensure that pharmaceuticals and health products reach consumers reliably and safely everywhere in Finland. 

Tamro's role is to be an integrator that brings different parties together and lays a foundation for shared success. We develop Finnish healthcare and wellbeing with determination and an open heart. Tamro Corporation is a part of PHOENIX group​, Europe's leading health service provider.

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