Supply chain solutions

Tamro’s core business comprises of warehousing and distribution of pharmaceuticals and health and wellness products

Tamro ensures that the right product is delivered to the right place at the right time – stored and transported in the right conditions. 
Availability of products, accuracy and timeliness of deliveries and customer satisfaction form the cornerstones of Tamro’s operations, the quality of which we measure and improve systematically. Tamro is an industry leader in standardisation of electronic services in the logistical delivery chain and automation of operations. Through information services, we can provide versatile reporting, monitoring and analysis of data concerning orders, sales and warehousing. A Business-to-Business portal enhances the efficiency of cooperation between Tamro and its customers by providing access to all Tamro's electronic services and information exchange.

Reliable warehousing, picking and transport as the basis for customer-oriented operations

Warehousing and related streams of goods are largely automated. Tamro’s efficiency in order picking is very high even on a European scale. Our efficient operations also guarantee cost-effectiveness and a high level of accuracy. Some of the key indicators of our warehousing operations include product availability, efficiency and accuracy of deliveries. Availability and delivery reliability of pharmaceuticals, as well as high quality of pharmaceuticals distribution, are the cornerstones of Tamro’s operations. Our efficient and extensive distribution network guarantees pharmaceuticals deliveries to all customers in Finland within 24 hours of receiving the order. We supply products to pharmacies, hospitals, health centres, as well as to other care units licensed to purchase pharmaceuticals. Availability of customer service is one of the key indicators of our quality system. Tamro’s target is to answer 80 per cent of calls within 20 seconds. Our customer service answers a total of one thousand phone calls each day. 

Tamro’s information and electronic services provide added business value

Easy and quick availability of up-to-date information is essential to the planning and analysis of business. In addition to warehousing and distribution services, Tamro offers a wide selection of additional electronic and advanced services to support customers’ business and enhance the efficiency of processes. 
Information services are the most essential of these, offering a comprehensive reporting service for all the events in the distribution chain. Our extensive service portfolio includes flexible and cost-effective product combinations for various needs. Tamro Information Services offer a wide selection of standardised and customised reports that you can order separately and tailor for your needs. There are versatile options available for the analysis of sales and warehouse data. Our reporting service provides our customers with access to data that can be categorised and analysed by customer or product, for example.
In addition to information services, Tamro continuously develops new services to enhance the efficiency of business processes, increase cost-effectiveness and make day-to-day operations easier. For example, the software application Tamro has developed for the use of pharmacies and suppliers for suspected product defects is the only one of its kind in Finland. We continuously study the opportunities brought by new technology and develop innovative services that offer a competitive edge.

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Tamro is the leading service provider and distributor of pharmaceuticals and health products in Finland. We ensure that pharmaceuticals and health products reach consumers reliably and safely everywhere in Finland. 

Tamro's role is to be an integrator that brings different parties together and lays a foundation for shared success. We develop Finnish healthcare and wellbeing with determination and an open heart. Tamro Corporation is a part of PHOENIX group​, Europe's leading health service provider.

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