Compliance at PHOENIX – raising awareness of the right behavior

Compliance is an essential element of PHOENIX' and Tamro Corporation corporate culture. Responsible and compliant conduct is of utmost importance – in order to achieve corporate success as well as when interacting with customers, business partners and stakeholders.​

Compliance at PHOENIX is based on the following policies:
​- Compliancy Principles
- Anti-Corruption Policy
- Competition Compliance Policy
- Anti-Money Laundering Policy
- Sanctions Compliance Policy

With these policies, the PHOENIX Executive Board emphasises that corruption, unfair competition and misconduct have no room within PHOENIX group. Violations will not be tolerated but appropriately investigated.

As part of the operational implementation of these subjects PHOENIX has established a group-wide compliance organisation including the associated processes and has appointed local Compliance Managers in every country. 

In addition to this, the functions at Tamro complies with the Code of Conduct. 

Case reporting system

PHOENIX group has established a web-based case reporting system. It provides you with the possibility of asking questions as well as of reporting an incident or a suspicion anonymously. The system is operated by an external service provider. Your identity cannot be traced unless you want to.

Link to reporting system​​​


The PHOENIX group takes the protection and security of its employees, business partners and customers’ data seriously. As such PHOENIX has established strong data protection policies  and procedures across all 26 European countries within which it operates. The PHOENIX group has implemented measures to meet the requirements of the European General Data Protection Regulation (in EU/EEA-countries), local laws and provisions. 

The PHOENIX group has appointed data protection officers and local data protection coordinators in all 26 countries. They are responsible for monitoring the compliance with all relevant provisions concerning data protection.

PHOENIX has developed bespoke data protection training modules for its employees to raise both awareness of this important subject and also to ensure all employees are aware of their responsibilities. 

Reporting system

The PHOENIX group has established a web based reporting system which is designed to enable employees, business partners, customers and third parties an easy system by which to report data incidents or concerns. These reports are taken seriously and are reviewed and actioned regularly and are used to improve the protection of personal data.  

If you have any questions or concerns about personal data, please contact the local data protection officer. Central point of contact for all group-wide matters is
You can access this reporting tool at any time via:

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Tamro is the leading service provider and distributor of pharmaceuticals and health products in Finland. We ensure that pharmaceuticals and health products reach consumers reliably and safely everywhere in Finland. 

Tamro's role is to be an integrator that brings different parties together and lays a foundation for shared success. We develop Finnish healthcare and wellbeing with determination and an open heart. Tamro Corporation is a part of PHOENIX group​, Europe's leading health service provider.

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