Corporate social responsibility

Corporate social responsibility 

Tamro's mission is to provide health for the Finnish society. We are a part of the Finnish pharmaceutical service, and our work that way has significant meaning from the social responsibility point of view. As a part of the Finnish pharmaceutical distribution chain, we take care of the pharmaceutical delivery to pharmacies, hospitals and consumers safely and with high quality. We co-operate within our industry to prevent counterfeit medicines from entering the legal pharmaceutical delivery chain.

Quality guides our actions in our work for the health of the Finnish people. Tamro is the first pharmaceutical distributor to have had ISO 9001 quality certificate from 2004 onwards.

Our corporate social responsibility reporting​ is a part of PHOENIX group reporting. Corporate social responsibility does not consist only of the financial responsibility of a company, but also responsible actions towards employees, society, environment and our customers.

Tamro's role in the Finnish society 

Our vision is to be the best service provider and connector within the healthcare sector. We help the different actors to see possibilities there where challenges occur. We develop the Finnish healthcare and Finns' wellbeing with determination and an open heart.

We employ 450 people in Vantaa and Tampere. Good leadership and competent people are our strategic choices.  

Tamro participates yearly in the Responsible Summer Job​ campaign, and offers meaningful summer jobs for tens of young persons who are starting their working careers.

Our workplace has been smoke-free since 2014.

We pay all our taxes in Finland. Tamro's tax footprint in 2018 was a total of 28.8 million euros. We are Finland's 68th largest payer of corporate tax. 

Tamro's Health Awards & Foresight Forum is an award and influencer concept, that annually gathers together operators in the health sector, gives awards for the work carried out for the good of the Finns' wellbeing and gives visibility to promising Finnish health innovations. This way we can speed up newcomers who can increase the wellbeing of the Finnish people.

Sustainable development 

We work to decrease pharmaceutical waste according to the targets of the PHOENIX group. This work has a positive effect both environmentally and financially.

Medicine-free Baltic Sea campaign is a co-effort with other operators in the sector that educates people on how expired and excess pharmaceuticals should be correctly disposed, so that they would not end up in the water system. Excess pharmaceuticals must always be returned to a pharmacy.


Tamro has signed a letter of intent with Compensate foundation. Compensate is a Finnish non-profitable foundation that aims to fight the climate change by enabling compensation in the context of everyday shopping decisions. The foundation directs the compensation payments fully to carbon sink projects.

A member of FIBS association

FIBS is the leading catalyst for sustainable business and developer of expertise in Finland. Their objective is to get Finnish companies to come up with innovative solutions for local and global problems together with other companies and organizations, and thus become top of the sustainable businesses globally. Tamro is a member of FIBS association since 2019.

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Tamro is the leading service provider and distributor of pharmaceuticals and health products in Finland. We ensure that pharmaceuticals and health products reach consumers reliably and safely everywhere in Finland. 

Tamro's role is to be an integrator that brings different parties together and lays a foundation for shared success. We develop Finnish healthcare and wellbeing with determination and an open heart. Tamro Corporation is a part of PHOENIX group​, Europe's leading health service provider.

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