Health and Future podcast

Health & Future podcast

Health & Future is our new podcast about the pharmaceutical and healthcare sectors. Its first season focuses on the development of pharmaceutical supply. The podcast is hosted by media personality and executive Pauli Aalto-Setälä and pharmaceutical industry expert Heidi Tahvanainen.

Listen to the trailer episode (in Finnish) here! 

In Health & Future, we discuss topical phenomena and the development of the fields of pharmaceutical and healthcare sectors with interesting expert guests in accessible language, offering both information and insight.

With our expert guests, we will discuss the phenomena behind the pharmaceutical supply reform and the ultimate goals of the changes. We will also discuss whether medicines alone make for good treatment and what is expected from pharmaceutical supply services.

Our podcast is available in Finnish on the following platforms: SpotifySoundCloud, Google Podcasts, Apple Podcasts and YouTube.

Season 1: Pharmaceutical supply

Health_Future_Sanna Lauslahti

Episode 1: The phenomena behind the pharmaceutical supply reform

Guest: Sanna Lauslahti, Pharma Industry Finland

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Health_Future_Kerstin Carlsson

Episode 2: Are medicines alone enough for good treatment?

Guest: Kerstin Carlsson, HUS Pharmacy

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Episode 3: What do customers expect from pharmaceutical services?

Guests: Katri Hämeen-Anttila and Leena Reinikainen, Fimea

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Episode 4: What are the ultimate goals of the pharmaceutical supply reform?

Guests: Charlotta Sandler, Association of Finnish Pharmacies; Julia Lumijärvi, Consumers’ Union of Finland; and Inka Puumalainen, University Pharmacy

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