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Responsibility at Tamro

We at Tamro work responsibly for the good of the entire Finnish society. In our operations, we take responsibility for our employees, customers, society and the environment.

Tamro is the leading distributor and service provider of pharmaceutical and health products in Finland. In the pharmaceutical distribution chain, we are responsible for ensuring that pharmacies, hospitals and consumers receive the medicines they need – reliably and safely. By cooperating with other actors, we are also preventing falsified medicines from entering the legal pharmaceutical distribution chain.

Tamro is a responsible employer for 470 employees who work with determination and an open heart. We find it important that our employees feel well and develop in their work. We support the wellbeing of our employees through fair and present management.

Tamro Oyj is part of the PHOENIX Group​, which is Europe's leading provider of health services.

Strategic corporate responsibility at Tamro

Tamro's goal is to be a responsible pioneer in reliable healthcare in Finland. In order to implement our vision, we have defined three focus areas for strategic corporate responsibility, each with its own objectives and operational programmes.

At Tamro, we do meaningful work. This encourages us to develop our professional skills and expertise. We encourage independent thinking and believe in continuous learning. We support the wellbeing of our employees through fair and supportive management.

We strive to anticipate our customers' needs and exceed their expectations. As a responsible forerunner, we want to promote the sustainability and success of the entire health industry. We develop networks within the industry and involve our stakeholders. We are pushing for more transparent business practices.

Integrity and forthrightness are the basis of everything we do. We adopt a long-term approach to developing our business and take care of our societal obligations. We proactively engage in and promote dialogue with our stakeholders. We are working to ensure that the environmental footprint we leave behind does not threaten the wellbeing of nature or people.

Tamro’s Sustainability Policy

We report on corporate responsibility as part of the PHOENIX Group's Corporate Responsibility Report. Sustainability is at the core of the entire PHOENIX Group business and is based on the Group's values, vision, and mission. As part of the Group, we are committed to supporting the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

We comply with all relevant and applicable laws, standards, and ethically accepted practices in every aspect of our operations. These principles, Tamro's values and strategy, and the strategic corporate sustainability framework guide our decisions and everything we do. In addition, Tamro's sustainability efforts are supported by the following guidelines:

Tamro's sustainability work

Tamro's sustainability work is supported not only by the sustainability policy but also by The PHOENIX Group’s Compliance Guidelines, The PHOENIX Group’s Code of Conduct, Tamro’s quality policy and Tamro's environmental policy and management system. We monitor the results of our corporate responsibility work, communicate them regularly, and report on them as part of the PHOENIX Group's Corporate Responsibility Report.

The ethical code of conduct is based on the fact that the PHOENIX Group and all its subsidiaries and associates comply with the applicable laws and respect the principles of freedom of expression, the right to information, media independence, and identity protection. The Code of Conduct sets certain basic requirements for all Group employees and creates the conditions for a positive and ethical working environment.

Tamro's management has defined a quality policy that is line with the company's vision, strategy, and objectives, and includes a commitment to meeting the requirements set for operations, the continuous improvement of the quality management system, and the formation of the basis for setting quality targets. The quality policy also takes into account the expectations of key stakeholders regarding Tamro's operations and services.

In accordance with our environmental policy, we take environmental impact into account in all our operations, service development, and decision-making. We regularly assess and evaluate the environmental impact and risks of our operations and, based on the evaluation, set targets to reduce them. In adhering to the principles of sustainable development, we continuously develop our environmental management system. We train our employees in eco-efficient working methods and educate them regarding the environmental impact of their own work. We also expect environmentally responsible actions from our partners. We commit to complying with the applicable environmental laws, regional environmental requirements and regulations, as well as environmental management system requirements in accordance with ISO 14001.

Sustainability management and the implementation of sustainability work

The Group's CEO and Executive Board are primarily responsible for the management of the Phoenix Group's corporate responsibility. Tamro's sustainability work is led by the Company's CEO and Quality Director, in accordance with the Strategic Corporate Responsibility Programme approved by the management board.

The Phoenix Group's Sustainability Manager is responsible for developing and coordinating the Group's sustainability work among its subsidiaries. The Sustainability Manager is also responsible for the Group's corporate responsibility reporting and corporate responsibility stakeholder relations.

The sustainability managers of the Group's subsidiaries, such as Tamro, are responsible for developing and embedding sustainability work at the local level in cooperation with local management, local business operations and key functions such as human resources, quality assurance, and legal teams.

Tamro’s stakeholder work

One of Tamro's strategic corporate responsibility priorities is transparency in responsibility. Transparency includes active and proactive stakeholder work. We aim for long-term interaction.

We regularly measure Tamro's customer experience, awareness, reputation, and stakeholder support. We listen to our stakeholders and continuously monitor their expectations. The aim of this active dialogue is to identify opportunities, risks, and areas for development related to our business.

Tamro's main stakeholders are

  • Pharmaceutical and health product companies
  • Pharmacies
  • Hospitals and dispensaries
  • Authorities
  • Decision-makers and influencers
  • Organisations and associations
  • Media
  • The general public
  • Tamro employees
  • Management and other key personnel of Tamro's subsidiaries
  • PHOENIX Group management and other key personnel

Responsibly together

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Drug-free Baltic Sea

In work towards reducing drug waste according to the group-level objectives of the Phoenix group.

In the Drug-free Baltic Sea campaign, we and other operators are spreading the message about how old and unused medicines are properly disposed of so that they do not end up putting a strain on our water systems. Any unused pharmaceuticals should always be returned to a pharmacy.

FIBS logo

Member of FIBS

Tamro is a member of FIBS ry. FIBS is Finland's leading promoter of sustainable business and developer of expertise. The objective of FIBS is to have Finnish companies innovate productive solutions to local and global problems in cooperation with other companies and organisations, thus becoming the global leader of sustainable business.

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Hope ry

We cooperate with Hope Yhdessä & Yhteisesti ry. As part of the cooperation, we donate food gift vouchers to families with children in the Helsinki metropolitan area and Tampere.

Tamron kesätyöntekijä Katarina Kuikko.

Responsible Summer Job

We are also involved in the Responsible Summer Job campaign and offer rewarding summer jobs to dozens of young people in the early stages of their careers every year.