Tamro on uuden apteekkarin apuna

Tamro is there for the new pharmacist

Pharmacy licence granted? Congratulations!

There are many things the new pharmacist needs to consider – from invoicing orders to planning the product range to collaborating with local stakeholders. As your pharmacy partner, Tamro has your back even in change situations.

Years of experience in pharmacy cooperation – Tamro pharmacy representatives are there for you

Our pharmacy representatives have extensive experience in working in the pharmacy industry. We are happy to discuss with the new pharmacist about what has worked in the pharmacy in the past, and we are ready to brainstorm together on how the pharmacy could be further developed. There’s no reason to stop a profitable business just because the pharmacist changes.

Collaboration with Tamro

Pharmacy deliveries and distribution schedules

As a rule, we deliver products to pharmacies five days a week (Mon-Fri). You can also enquire about the possibility for Saturday delivery!

Planning the pharmacy's product range

We help you make decisions about what to put on the shelves and what not. 

Collaboration with the pharmacy’s local stakeholders

We give you tips and support in collaborating with the local stakeholders, such as dental clinics and nursing homes.

High-quality deliveries

The availability of pharmaceuticals, the security of medicines supply and the high quality of pharmaceutical distribution are the cornerstones of our operations. 

Pharmacy visibility: social media and advertising

We offer support and ready-made materials for social media and advertising. Our pharmacy representatives will keep you informed on e.g. what is topical in the chain or magazine. You’ll get an opportunity to join in on announcements, lotteries etc.

Support for exceptional circumstances

We help safeguard the continuity of patients' medication even in exceptional circumstances. We handle the emergency delivery of medicines to pharmacies and the imports of special permit products, raw materials, packaging equipment and kiloware. 

How to apply for a new customer relationship with Tamro

Managing day-to-day affairs is easy with MyTamro. MyTamro is an easy-to-use browser-based service platform that brings all Tamro's electronic services together. In MyTamro, you will find up-to-date information on e.g. delivery fees and invoicing schedules.

All customer electronic services offered by Tamro are available through MyTamro. You can enable MyTamro for your pharmacy by filling in Tamro's e-services terms of use agreement and submitting it to our customer service. The agreement will be renewed if the pharmacist changes. You can order user credentials for yourself and your staff by using the credentials order form.

You can find the account opening agreement in MyTamro. Fill in and print out the agreement and submit it to Tamro's customer register. We'll contact you when we have received the agreement.

If you do not already have MyTamro credentials, you can request the agreement form by email from the customer register. 

Tamro's prepayment account system allows invoices to be paid flexibly in advance. The account and its funds are used to pay for goods and services purchased from Tamro by the pharmacy. Invoices are debited from the established account on the due date of the invoice. Prepayments transferred to the account accrue compensatory interest, which is added to the account capital on a monthly basis. The account can be set up at Danske Bank, Nordea Bank or Pohjola Bank. You do not need to change your current banking relationship to join the service.

Our customer service is happy to answer any questions you may have about the prepayment account system, account termination or invoicing. You can also ask for a new interest rate offer for your prepayment account!

We will help you succeed in the early days of your career as a pharmacist. Let’s be in touch!

Tamro pharmacy representatives