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Sivun lopusta löydät lisäksi Tamron toimipisteiden sijainnit, laskutustietomme ja palautelomakkeen.

Logistiikkakeskuksen työntekijä käsittelee pahvilaatikoita.

Customer service

Our customer service is available from Monday to Saturday. We record any calls we receive to ensure the quality and development of our telephone service. Please refer to the privacy statement for calls.

Customer Service fax: +358 20 445 5300 

Postal address of Customer Service: Tamro Corporation/Customer Service, Postitorvenkatu 32, 33840 Tampere, Finland

Emergency deliveries

We send medicines to our customers as an emergency delivery around the clock.

The Services offered by Tamro

In addition to distributing pharmaceuticals and other health products, we offer data-driven services, sales and marketing services, as well as digital home care solutions.

Distribution partnership and services for pharmaceutical and health product companies

Product marketing ja pharmacy representatives

Sininen henkilöhahmo

Taru Koivulehto

Graphic Designer

Special permit products

We also apply for special permits for pharmaceutical centres and veterinarians. Applications for express permits can be sent by fax or by email to erityisluvalliset@tamro.com. Regular applications can be mailed to: Tamro Oyj, Erityisluvat, Rajatorpantie 41 B, 01640 Vantaa. Fax: 020 445 4073

Pharmacy and hospital customers, public and private healthcare

Raw materials and packaging materials

Sales support and expert services

(Clinical trials, relabelling and packaging services)

Health Technology Services

Operative functions

Human Resources


Supply chain management services

Marketing and Communications

Logistics and transport

Customer experience

Management Group

Tamron toimitusjohtaja Kai Kaasalainen

Kai Kaasalainen

Managing Director


Tamrotalon pääsisäänkäynti.


Head office and logistics centre

Visiting address and outgoing goods:

Rajatorpantie 41 B

01640 Vantaa

Postal address:

P.O. BOX 11

01641 Vantaa 

Incoming goods:

Koivuvaarankuja 1

01640 Vantaa

See location on the map.

Thinking of renting at the Tamro office hotel?

Ilmakuva Tamron logistiikkakeskuksesta Tampereella.


Logistics Centre

Visiting address:

Postitorvenkatu 32

33840 Tampere

Postal address:

P.O. BOX 154

33101 Tampere

Inbound and outbound goods:

Tietohallinnonkatu 12

33840 Tampere

See location on the map.


Billing information

Electronic invoicing

EDI: 003705339652

Intermediary: Basware Corporation

Billing reference: a person's name.

Invoices can also be emailed to Basware at tamro.invoices@bscs.basware.com

Paper invoices

Tamro Corporation

P.O. BOX 102


Billing reference: a person's name.

Tamro banking connection 

Nordea Bank

Account number: 240018-12064

IBAN: FI18 2400 1800 0120 64


Tamro Business ID


Read Tamro’s procurement terms.

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