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Entering the market

Whether it’s about launching a new product or transitioning to a new therapy area, we help pharmaceutical companies to succeed in the Finnish market. Information ensures smarter decisions throughout the life cycle of a medicine.

Extensive experience in the Finnish pharmaceutical market

Tailor-made solutions for your business needs

The widest service range for support of entering the market


Studies based on Real-World Evidence (RWE)

Real-World Data (RWD) refers to health data that can be used, for instance, to show the value of treatments or technologies for patients, health service providers or society (RWE).

Our subsidiary Medaffcon has the most experience in real-world data analytics and utilisation in Finland.

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Critical pathway and stakeholder surveys

The survey provides an overview of the clinical practices related to the treatment of diseases and the decision-making processes of various health care units in Finland.

Our subsidiary Medaffcon combines real-world register or biobank data with clinical practice projects and conducts comprehensive critical pathway and stakeholder surveys.

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Terveystaloustieteellinen mallinnus

Health economic modelling

Health economic modelling forms an important part of health economic analyses and is a key tool for those responsible for making decisions on the use of health resources.

Our subsidiary Medaffcon is implementing modelling projects that range from locating global models to building a complete model from scratch.;

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Hinta- ja korvattavuushakemukset

Price and reimbursement applications

The presence of an outpatient medicine on the market requires that the product be reimbursed to the patient from health insurance. The aim is to make the medicinal product available to patients as quickly and broadly as possible.

Our subsidiary Medaffcon offers assistance at all stages of the price and reimbursement process.

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Risk-sharing models

Confidential price agreements, such as risk-sharing agreements, have become more common in hospital pharmaceuticals, while conditional reimbursement decisions are becoming established in the price and reimbursement processes of community care medicines.

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Expert resourcing

An expert from our subsidiary Medaffcon acts as a temporary resource in your community or company, flexibly implementing Market Access projects to meet your needs. The scope, duration and content of the commission may vary from projects that last for a few weeks to multi-year collaboration.

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Markkinoille tulo_koulutukset


Our subsidiary Medaffcon offers bespoke training packages tailored to the customer’s particular needs. For instance, the following packages are offered:

- Utilising Real-World Evidence (RWE) workshop

- Market Access Workshop

- The Rules of Pharmaceutical Marketing training

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