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Orders, deliveries and availability

We make sure that pharmacies get the medicines they need quickly and reliably. We provide pharmacies with health and wellbeing products that are valued by consumers.

We are Finland's leading distributor of pharmaceuticals and products that promote health and wellbeing. We ensure that pharmacies receive the medicines they need quickly and reliably and provide pharmacies with health and wellbeing products that are valued by consumers.

We also handle the emergency delivery of medicines to pharmacies and the imports of special permit products, raw materials, packaging equipment and kiloware.

Pharmaceutical products subject to a special permit

We import pharmaceutical products subject to a special permit and distribute them to pharmacies, hospital pharmacies and dispensaries. We are involved in securing national pharmaceutical services. We even track down medical products for the treatment of a single patient in cases where no authorised pharmaceutical products are available. We also apply for special permits for dispensaries and veterinarians.

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The special permit products imported by Tamro are mainly authorised products in their country of origin, such as elsewhere in Europe or in North America. We ensure the reliability of our extensive supplier network by conducting regular supplier-specific quality assessments both on site and in writing.

We also regularly monitor the performance of our suppliers to ensure the security of supply of special permit products. The high quality of import transport is ensured by monitoring the temperature throughout the transport chain and only using reliable logistics companies. We also take care of any suspected product defects and side-effect reports with the manufacturer and the authorities.

The MyTamro service channel offers a summary of product characteristics or a package insert for almost all special permit products in the original language, and a Finnish translation is available for several products in the Terveysportti portal.We import new special permit products at the request of customers.

Some special permit products are in-stock products, whereas some are ordered when needed. In urgent situations, products can be imported to Finland even on a tight schedule. If you are in urgent need of a product, please contact Tamro’s import service for special permit products upon ordering. If you have any requests or questions regarding the selection, please contact us either by phone or email:

In MyTamro, you can search for special permit products and information on pharmaceutical products for a special permit application by product name, active pharmaceutical ingredient, Tamro’s product number and ATC code. You can also restrict the search to special permit products or products with a temporary permit by using the “Edit search” function. The special permit products distributed by us are listed under “Products – Product lists”.

Special-permit applications for both urgent and non-urgent processing may be sent via email to erityisluvalliset@tamro.com, via fax to 020 445 4073 and via post to Tamro Oyj, Erityisluvat, Rajatorpantie 41 B, FI-01640 Vantaa, Finland

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Other services

Product availability, accuracy and timeliness of deliveries, high-quality distribution and customer satisfaction comprise the key metrics of our quality system and are measured regularly for continuous development.

We import and distribute raw materials and packaging supplies for pharmaceutical manufacturing in pharmacies and hospital pharmacies and provide expert services related to these activities. We also deliver a wide range of non-medicinal raw materials and packaging materials to other customer groups.

Pharmaceutical raw materials are only ordered from suppliers that have been deemed reliable. Each batch of raw materials imported is re-labelled at Tamro’s pharmaceutical factory, at which time a batch-specific certificate of analysis is also added to each labelled package. Pharmaceutical raw materials are approved for sale by Tamro after a careful quality assurance process.

We import and distribute pharmaceutical raw materials, excipients, acids and bases, substances classified as food and herbal remedies. A safety data sheet is available for all raw materials. The range of packaging materials consists of medicine bottles, tins, ointment tubes and medical preparation supplies such as capsule filling equipment. Depending on the customer's needs, it is also possible to order raw materials and packaging materials from a wide network of suppliers.​​

Certificates of analysis

Safety data sheets

Pharmac Finland Oy, a company specialising in the mechanical dispensing of medicines, provides the dispensing unit at Helsinki’s Itäkeskus pharmacy and offers its services as contract manufacturing to all Finnish pharmacies. Through pharmacies, the dosing service is available to consumers, home care and nursing homes.Read more

Our customer service is here for you

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A customer service team with 23 CSRs

  • We serve our customers by phone and email
  • We set up new products and maintain product information
  • We set up new customers and maintain customer data
  • We update the system with contract and promotional prices
  • We create and maintain online service licences

Emergency deliveries

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Our emergency deliveries help patients at any time of the day.

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