Care service for the modern age

The Smila care service connects clients living independently at home or in a nursing home with the care unit and allows the customer to live safely at home, for as long as possible.

Focusing on good life at home and in nursing homes

Smila is user-friendly and designed for home use or at a care unit, ensuring safe, up-to-date and effective medication and enabling independent everyday life at home. The smart and innovative interaction features of the service make the customers’ everyday life safer by bringing their care unit and support network closer to them, all the while improving the possibilities for preventative care.

What is Smila?

Smila is a convenient care service designed for use at home or in a care unit. An important part of Smila is the mechanical Smila medicine dispenser. It ensures safe medicine dosage, and notifies the care unit if the person has not taken their medication.

Who is Smila suitable for?

Smila is suitable for everyone who is on regular medication and needs to be reminded to take it. Smila enables safe, independent everyday life at home for as long as possible.

How can I start using Smila?

For more information about Smila, please contact your local council’s home care service counselling and guidance for the person living at home. They will guide you through the purchasing process.

New, effective innovations for care are sorely needed

A new kind of care service in Finland, connecting the home care customers to a social and health care unit offers solutions for providing high-quality care.

  • Ensures safe, timely taking of medication.
  • Supports the ability to function, alertness and independent living according to the person’s individual needs.
  • Monitors the person’s wellbeing remotely.
  • Provides loved ones with more diverse and comprehensive information regarding the person’s health, easing their worries.
  • Allows nurses to communicate with the person in a more versatile manner.

  • Medication safety is improved as possible errors occurring in manual distribution are avoided.
  • The service makes planning nursing work more flexible in various ways, such as by helping to balance out the rush in the busiest times in the mornings and evenings.
  • Better, more up-to-date follow-up with a remote monitoring solution.
  • More information available to the nursing staff and doctor for assessing the customer’s wellbeing.
  • Saves time for the nurse to be there for the person, to talk to them and care for them.

  • Prevents cost increases through better anticipation and planning of both care resources and the person’s care pathway.
  • Makes it easier to anticipate the need for care resources and prepare procurement strategies.
  • Helps to measure the effectiveness of the person’s medication.

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