About Us

Tamro’s mission is to deliver health. We deliver almost 60 percent of all pharmaceuticals required in hospitals, pharmacies, and retail stores throughout Finland.

In addition to distributing pharmaceuticals and other health products, we offer data-driven services, sales and marketing services, as well as digital home care solutions.

As part of the Finnish healthcare network, we have been involved in developing and improving both pharmaceutical services and the wellbeing of Finnish people since 1895.


Our goal is to be Finland's best service provider when it comes to connecting the health and wellbeing sectors. We want to remain the market leader in pharmaceutical distribution, strengthen our position in value-added services and increase our role in the health and wellbeing sector. Our in-depth customer understanding, continuous measurement of the customer experience and our ability to anticipate and develop our operations lead us towards our goal.

We believe that the health and wellbeing sector will develop through cooperation. At Tamro we do everything with determination and an open heart – for the health and well-being of Finnish people.

Tamro Corporation is part of the family-run PHOENIX group, which has its headquarters in Germany. The PHOENIX group is Europe's leading provider of health services with strong local operations in 29 countries.

Management Group

Tamron toimitusjohtaja Kai Kaasalainen

Kai Kaasalainen

Managing Director