Smila Lab ensures operation and safety of Smila care units

16.11.2020 9:00
Smila hoivapalvelu_Smila Lab

Tamro’s Smila Lab in Vantaa tests every Smila care unit before it begins to be used by customers. Safety and reliability are at the heart of Smila care service.

- At the Tamro Smila Lab in Vantaa, we test the safety, reliability and new features of each device we send to home care customers, says Smila logistics and maintenance supervisor Miika Valtanen. Smila care units are made in Germany, validated by the device manufacturer. The Smila Lab test is the final step before the devices go to the end users.

Finnish pharmacies offer rolls of sachets provided by a number of drug dispensing centres. Smila care units have been tested with all types of rolls made by dispensing centres.

- We double check at our own test lab that everything works with the care unit as it should. We test and use the devices as any home care customer would. The device must be simple enough to prevent any problems with its use, says Valtanen.

Customer feedback important for development

Customer feedback is important for the development of the Smila care service. We welcome feedback from both home care customers and the carers to make further improvements to the product. 

-The features are developed together with the device manufacturer to meet customer needs in Finland, says Valtanen. For example, the text size on the display has been increased for better legibility. The goal is to introduce any new features that are useful.

Tamro supports Smila strongly

Tamro has been a wholesale distributor of medication already for 125 years, but in recent decades has expanded to other healthcare areas, such as meeting the needs in home care and assisted living.

-We are enthusiastically developing new solutions and services that can promote people’s health. The Smila care service is a prime example of such development, says Tamro’s Managing Director Kai Kaasalainen.