Tamro donates 10,000 euros in food gift cards to Hope Association

12.5.2020 9:31
Isä ja äiti pitävät lasta kädestä. Perhe kuvattu ulkona takaa päin.

Tamro will donate 10,000 euros in food gift cards through Hope Association to families in the Helsinki region and Tampere. Tamro’s employees also have the opportunity to participate in assisting families with a sum of their choosing.

The idea to donate to a good cause came from Tamro’s employees. After the fundraiser for the New Children’s Hospital, employees expressed a wish to continue with another charity. Based on the results of an employee survey, it was decided that the fundraiser would target families in need of daily necessities.

Due to COVID-19, many families have lost income and have a great need for short-term assistance. Recently, Hope Association has assisted families that would usually manage on their own in normal circumstances. Because entire families stay at home all day without access to school meals, spending on groceries has increased.

At the moment, food aid with gift cards is the best means available to Hope Association to help families in need. Tamro wanted to target its donation to locations it operates in. For this reason, food gift cards worth 50 euros will be distributed to families in the Helsinki region and Tampere. The gift cards will be distributed during May. Tamro’s employees can also contribute to the charity by donating an optional sum for the food gift cards.

I am extremely happy about Tamro’s willingness to help families, and our cooperation has been smooth. We stay in contact with families in need but without donors, there is little we can do to help. For this reason, it is great to be able to bring together those in need of help and those willing to give,” says Nora Virtanen, Operations Manager at Hope Association.

The donation was not a one-off effort, as the cooperation launched between Tamro and Hope is intended to last longer than just one year.

Tamro’s conditions for charities were that the operation must be professional and established and have real impact. In addition, the charity must promote the health and wellbeing of Finns and prevent social isolation.

Future donations could be aimed at supporting shared free-time activities for families. The idea is to choose something inexpensive, such as admission tickets to a swimming pool, in order to help as many families as possible with the donation,” says Katja Toivonen, Quality and Corporate Responsibility Manager at Tamro.

In the future, Tamro’s sites in Vantaa and Tampere could host clothing donation points for Hope Association. Tamro is also exploring possibilities for challenging its health product customers to donate health and hygiene products such as dietary supplements, toothbrushes and toothpastes and other basic hygiene supplies.

Hope Association was founded in 2009 out of a will to create a tangible cycle of good deeds and to give children more equal opportunities for everyday living. Hope is an apolitical, areligious organisation that operates through 20 local branches across Finland. Hope operates through volunteer efforts for the common good. We distribute practical donations of clothing and items to families with limited means or that have underwent crisis and offer aid for children and young people in the form of hobbies and recreational experiences.