Health & Future: The phenomena behind the pharmaceutical supply reform

21.5.2021 12:18

Medical therapy and pharmaceutical distribution are undergoing a transition in Finland. A large number of changes have taken place in society and the operating environment of the pharmaceutical sector. These simultaneous changes have affected not only the need and demand for medicines, but also their supply.

Medical therapy is part of patient-centred care, which is the common goal of the operators in the field, says Sanna Lauslahti, Managing Director of Pharma Industry Finland.

Sanna Lauslahti is the first guest on Tamro’s Health & Future podcast, which is hosted by media personality and executive Pauli Aalto-Setälä and pharmaceutical industry expert Heidi Tahvanainen. The hosts and their guest discuss changes in the Finnish pharmaceutical and healthcare sectors and the importance of cooperation.

Topics of this episode:

Development of medicines and treatment practices

As a result of population ageing and increased life expectancy, a growing number of people are suffering from multiple diseases. People use several medicines, and medicines increasingly cure diseases instead of just treating symptoms. Diseases are recognised more effectively, and the pharmaceutical industry is innovating as part of the healthcare sector.

The treatment of cancer in particular has advanced tremendously, and people with rheumatism find help in medication instead of surgery. One of the factors behind the development of medicines and treatment practices is the current research approach, in which academic basic research and the pharmaceutical industry closely support each other. New medical therapies are the sum of many success factors.

Challenges in achieving equality

Limited resources in social welfare and healthcare pose challenges in terms of equal treatment opportunities. Should resources be targeted at developing treatments and medicines for chronic diseases? Or should they be targeted at innovations, which are often intended for smaller patient groups? This dilemma is being discussed extensively in the field.

In national development, society affects how fairly resources are allocated. If we target resources appropriately and equally, we will create health benefits and well-being comprehensively for different population and age groups, says Heidi Tahvanainen.

Companies play an important role in cooperation

Responsibility for the development and distribution of medicines lies mainly with companies. All operators in the healthcare sector have a common goal: to improve public health and create more jobs in research and production in the field in Finland.

The pharmaceutical and healthcare sectors engage in active dialogue to develop better solutions. This enables effective responses to changing situations. Together with the authorities, pharmacies and logistics operators, pharmaceutical companies ensure that medicines are available to everyone in a timely manner.

For example, during the coronavirus crisis, uninterrupted pharmaceutical supply was ensured through close cooperation between companies and the authoritiest, says Sanna Lauslahti.

What is Health & Future podcast?

Health & Future, a series of podcasts (in Finnish) by Tamro, focuses on the future of the pharmaceutical and healthcare sectors. The theme of the first season is the development of pharmaceutical supply, which is discussed with expert guests. The podcast is hosted by media personality and executive Pauli Aalto-Setälä and pharmaceutical industry expert Heidi Tahvanainen.