Demand for medicinal products at record high due to coronavirus – pharmaceutical wholesalers ensure distribution to pharmacies

15.3.2020 9:00
Tamron vihreitä kuljetuslaatikoita jakelukeskuksen hihnalla.

Tamro and Oriola, pharmaceutical wholesalers mainly responsible for the distribution of pharmaceuticals in Finland, have received a record-high number of orders from pharmacies. The number of orders has increased by 50% from the normal amount. The demand is unprecedented in the history of distribution of pharmaceuticals in Finland.​

Exceptionally high consumer demand and the spike in orders due to coronavirus have temporarily challenged the distribution of pharmaceuticals from wholesalers to pharmacies. The strongly increased demand concerns especially fever and pain medication, but the demand for other medicinal products has increased as well.

Both wholesalers are working at their full picking and distribution capacity. Other special solutions to support distribution capacity have been taken to use. We will continue deliveries immediately after the weekend to replenish stocks at pharmacies. At the moment, both operators are prioritising medicinal products to bring availability back to normal.

The pharmaceutical wholesalers would like to highlight that there is no shortage of medicinal products in Finland at the moment. The stock situation is good and products are imported normally. Pharmaceutical wholesalers also have a large buffer stock of medicinal products, based on the statutory system of reserve medical supplies.